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My name is
Lee Barber.

I'm an Information Technology Consultant located in Harrisburg.

Career Timeline

My journey into the world of tech

September 1999

<Hello, World!>

Created my first website using HTML at the age of 12-years-old and hosted it on the Yahoo GeoCities server which has since been decommissioned.  The website chronicled my daily epic journeys as a competitive youth skateboarder, often sharing images and detailed musings of what it feels like to get back up more times than you fall.

May 2011

College Graduate

Earned a bachelor's degree in humanities at Pennsylvania State University. Completed major coursework in effective speech and communication, rhetoric and composition, expressions in the humanities, positive psychology, and philosophy. Also completed elective coursework in microcomputer applications, information science and technology, writing for the web, python programming, and symbolic logic.

October 2013

Technical Support Representative

Started my career in technology performing corporate technical support in a help desk environment for Rite Aid Pharmacy resolving an average of 30 tickets per day from end-users at over 4,600 retail stores. Identified solutions to technical malfunctions caused by retail cash registers, workstations, laser and thermal printers, barcode image scanners, biometric fingerprint readers, signature capture credit/debit devices, wireless access points, routers, firewalls, media boxes and amplifiers, RFID mobile computers, and all internal/external network servers.

October 2014

Information Technology Consultant

Began offering a full range of IT services and web development using Wordpress CMS, HTML5, and CSS3 as an independent consultant. Partnered with local businesses under the auspices of Studio Francis.  Implemented new web technologies with creative works based on specific client needs by highlighting UI/UX on multiple platforms, search engine optimization, marketing, social media, email campaigns, brand development, and content writing. Also, deployed new hardware and software for end-users, ran, terminated, and punched down CAT5 cable, installed RJ45 Ethernet keystone jacks, resolved complex proprietary application failures, and troubleshot any and all technical issues.

November 2015

Dell Certified Field Technician

Earned certification as a Dell Certified Systems Expert (DCSE) and became an on-site field technician for Dell as a contractor with Unisys. Replaced various failed hardware components ranging from central processing units, heat sinks, power supply units, disk drives, wireless cards, DC-in connectors, palm rests, system boards, LCD panels and everything in-between.  Completed over 3,750 successful break/fix repairs.  Achieved highest customer satisfaction ratings and maximum internal promotion from management.

January 2018


Earned a certificate in Full-Stack Web Development after attending an intensive coding boot camp at the New York Code and Design Academy in Philadelphia. Became proficient in the core principles of web development following 1,000+ hours of immersive training in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, APIs, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Git, GitHub, and Heroku. Explored collaborative development, database theory, computer science, Model-View-Controllers, Object Oriented Programming, and Test Driven Development. Built dynamic and responsive web applications from scratch with individual and group projects using agile methodologies. 

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