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Take their word for it, not mine.

"Lee is reliable, efficient, and compassionate, traits well suited in the Emergency Department, and traits that I believe will ensure success in Lee’s future endeavors.
I have no reservations in Lee’s abilities and will support him as he strives for his goals."

"I had the pleasure of having Lee in my audience when I presented development workshops and found him to be an exceptionally engaged learner, asking questions that brought clarity to the material and adding his own store of knowledge and experience to the interactions we had. Lee strikes me as someone who is particularly interested in learning and growing; I believe his presence in any organization would be an asset."

“Lee is someone who consistently displays positive energy, a good work ethic, and an engaging personality. I like his steadiness, good moral character, enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and consistency. It was a pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend him for any such work.”

“I am very proud of Lee. His life is a progression of success that is born of both personal determination and the care of a loving community. I have no doubt that his life story will be one that I use to inspire and encourage others in the future.”

“Lee has qualities, beyond academia, that make him an extremely marketable and versatile professional. His ability to adapt to challenging situations and provide solution-based responses in a responsible and assertive manner is but one example of leadership he maintains for all those he comes in contact with.”

“Lee has proven to be a hard-working individual who displays a genuine passion for working with people, especially in a team environment. His dedication and preparation to succeed are consistently evident.”

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